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Air Conditioner Repair in Portland, OR

Your home is kept cool during a Portland summer by HVAC equipment. Like all things mechanical, there are times when air conditioner repair in Portland is needed, Efficiency Heating and Cooling is your best choice for exceptional value in air conditioner repair in Portland for any make and model of equipment.

A Reputation You Can Trust

We’re a company dedicated to serving our customers with honest, competitive indoor comfort solutions. If you call us out for a Portland air conditioner repair job, you can rest assured that your time and money are protected. Our reputation is unique in that we don’t have to cherry pick certain customers for good reviews. You can talk to any of our customers, because we do the job right on every job, every day of every year. In our opinion, there’s just no other way to do it!

Air Conditioner Repair Portland – Your Comfort First

Part of having a long list of happy customers is doing repair work with our customer’s best interests in mind. All too often a homeowner spends money they didn’t need to spend due to poor advice from an AC contractor. This doesn’t happen with Efficiency Heating and Cooling. Not only are we honest, but we’re experienced. We know how to accurately determine the true cause of a problem, so that your money is being applied in the most efficient way possible.

“I want to give my highest recommendation to Efficiency Heating and Cooling Co. Matt Rohman and crew will do the best job for you at the most reasonable price. Their work is professional, reasonable and timely. From what I understand they also provide services to folks that may be under financial duress ie elderly & disabled. I “shopped” my AC installation job. I know the economy is screwed up so I figured I would get quotes. EFFICIENCY will do the job for you under your terms and at a reasonable cost. Thanks Matt! Give them a call.”

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Air Conditioner Repair in Portland, OR
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Quality Equipment Installed Right

Quality Equipment Installed Right

Air conditioner repair Portland… Do you want to avoid the need for it all together? Then starting off with a quality installation using reliable equipment is the most important step. After that, it’s maintenance. We’re a heating and air conditioning company who does right by our customers. What does that look like when it comes to a new installation? It means we build on the foundation of industry leading equipment, and we perform each phase of sizing, design and installation the right way. You’d be shocked to learn just how many HVAC installations are done wrong, and when that happens it hurts system reliability and efficiency. Call us today or schedule a free estimate to learn more about the right heating and air conditioning system for your home.

Ductless Mini-Splits

Ductless Mini-Splits

A ductless mini-split system offers quiet, efficient comfort for any living space. If you have an addition, office or garage without ducting, a mini-split system can bring the comfort of a normal split system without the need for ductwork! They’re called mini-splits because they follow the same design as a full sized system. With a ductless installation, a heat pump is located outside the home, and an air handler is located inside the home. The primary difference is that the indoor air handlers are small and compact, designed to provide comfort to a single area. Multiple indoor air handlers can be powered from a single outdoor unit, making a ductless solution ideal for a wide variety of applications! Call us to learn more. We’re a Portland air conditioning and heating company you can trust for exceptional indoor comfort solutions.