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Clackamas Air Conditioner Service

We definitely have our fair share of cold weather in Clackamas OR. But when the summer season hits, the cold nights are forgotten, and it’s time to crank on the air conditioner! But what happens if your old AC doesn’t resurrect after the work of last summer? That’s when you grab the phone and give us a call for Clackamas Air Conditioner Service!

Air Conditioning Company in Clackamas, OR That You Can Trust

Efficiency Heating and Cooling is a local Clackamas air conditioner service & installation company known for our honest dealings, competitive pricing, and top-quality equipment. We promise, you’ll not find another combination of pricing, service and technical skills that beats our offerings in the Portland area! Our customers love us, and end up referring their friends. Read some of our heating & air conditioning reviews.

Clackamas Air Conditioner Repair

Nobody wants to have to make a repair call, but we help with fast response and accurate diagnosis. It’s shocking to us how many homeowners receive bad advice from a technician, and end up spending way more money than they needed to. The reason? Many cooling related problems have similar symptoms. It takes the experience of Efficiency Heating and Cooling to accurately figure out the problem. We protect your hard earned money with the right advice, and quality work.

If you’re looking for an air conditioner service company in Clackamas OR you can trust, we are that company. Once you experience our honest, exceptional service you’ll be excited to refer family and friends! We’re ready to enhance the comfort of your home.

“It went really well. He went above and beyond. He came all the way from Clackamas to Hillsboro and only charged a service fee. He took his time and he told me what I needed to have done for the least amount of money. He is very honest and thorough, and was everything I had hoped for as far as getting service I needed. He was just a super nice guy and I hope more people use him.”

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Clackamas Air Conditioner Service
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Air Conditioning Design & Installation

Air Conditioning Design & Installation

We take pride in the equipment we offer our customers, because it’s some of the best in the business. Not our opinion, but the opinion of 3rd party organizations like Energy Star and Consumer Reports. However, we’re also here to tell you the best equipment money can buy will still fail if not sized, designed and installed correctly. We’re experts at custom comfort solutions that meet  the specific needs of your home, budget and efficiency goals. We do it right down to the finest detail, giving you the most for your investment. Call us for a Clackamas air conditioner installation done right!

A Crucial Part of Home Comfort

A Crucial Part of Home Comfort

Imagine purchasing a new vehicle with extreme fuel efficiency… maybe it gets near 40MPG on the highway. But then before you take a trip, imagine poking holes in the gas line. What would happen to your high fuel efficiency vehicle? It wouldn’t be that efficient right? The same is true for heating and air conditioning systems. If your ducting isn’t design and installed correctly, you could be losing a lot of money. Call Efficiency Heating and Cooling for ducting design, installation and repair.