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Convert to Gas Heating

Oil to Gas | Electric to Gas Conversions

We can help you convert from an oil heating system to a gas or electric heat and heat pump system in Portland. If it is a fan assisted heating system you may not need to add much ducting. You can use your existing duct system after cleaning them.

Your new Gas furnaces will run at about 80% to 97% efficient and burn extremely clean compared to oil heating. A new 80% gas furnace will exhaust with metal pipe sometime using the chimney with a chimney liner. A new 97% gas furnace vents straight out of the house with PVC piping.

Convert to an Electric Heat Pump in Portland

Our new Heat Pump System will not only give you heat but provide you with central air conditioning for you comfort. A heat pump system is extremely clean compared to oil heating and gas heat. Considering the fact that proper maintenance on an oil burner alone costs a lot of money and the rising cost of oil doesn’t help. There are many reasons to convert your oil heat. We can also convert your oil furnace to electric, propane, radiant, ductless, or heat pump.