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Do HVAC companies hire felons?


To be eligible for a license there are several requirements.

An applicant who has been convicted of a felony can be denied a license to install HVAC equipment. However, the state may allow someone that completes a re-entry program to get one. For the most up to date information for the state of Oregon, please visit http://www.oregon.gov/ccb.

HVAC Technician Employment Opportunities for Felons

Job Availability

HVAC companies often hire felons as technicians due to the high demand in the industry. The need for skilled workers creates opportunities for individuals with criminal records.

Many HVAC companies are open to providing job prospects to felons, especially those who have completed training programs or tech school courses. This willingness helps felons reintegrate into society through stable employment.

Sector Options

Felons can explore various avenues within the HVAC field, including positions in both residential and commercial sectors. Residential HVAC jobs involve working on heating and cooling systems in homes, while commercial roles focus on larger-scale projects in buildings and offices.

  • Job availability: Many HVAC companies hire felons due to industry demand.

  • Sector options: Felons can find opportunities in residential and commercial HVAC sectors.

HVAC License Eligibility for Convicted Felons

State Regulations

State regulations determine if convicted felons can get an HVAC license. Eligibility depends on the state’s rules.

Some states may have restrictions based on the type of felony committed. For example, violent crimes or fraud could impact eligibility.

Varying Eligibility

The eligibility of felons for an HVAC license varies across states. Each state sets its own criteria.

In some states, certain felonies may disqualify individuals from obtaining an HVAC license. It is essential to check with local authorities.

Requirements for Obtaining an HVAC License as a Felon

Meeting Licensing Requirements

Felons seeking an HVAC license must fulfill the requirements set by licensing boards. This includes completing accredited training programs, just like non-felons. By meeting these criteria, felons demonstrate their commitment to professional standards.

To obtain an HVAC license, individuals often need to complete specific courses related to heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems. These courses are crucial for acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge in the field. Passing exams is typically mandatory for both felons and non-felons pursuing licensure.

Disclosing Criminal History

During the licensing process in some states, requirements may entail disclosing criminal history information. Felons might be asked to provide details of past convictions or legal issues. Being transparent about their background allows authorities to assess applicants fairly and make informed decisions regarding licensure.

  • Completing accredited training programs is essential.

  • Passing exams is a common requirement.

  • Disclosing criminal history may be mandatory during the application process.

Impact of Felonies on HVAC Job Applications

Company Policies

Some HVAC companies might hesitate to hire individuals with felonies, depending on their policies. The nature of the offense plays a crucial role in this decision-making process. For instance, crimes like theft or violence could heavily influence job applications.

Certain felonies can pose challenges for individuals seeking employment in the HVAC industry due to their severity and implications. However, not all offenses carry the same weight.

Background Checks and Time Since Conviction

Many HVAC businesses conduct thorough background checks as part of their hiring process. They may consider factors such as the type of felony committed and how long it has been since the conviction occurred before making a decision about employing someone with a criminal record.


  • Some companies have flexible policies regarding hiring felons.

  • Individuals with certain types of felonies may still find opportunities in the HVAC sector.


  • Certain serious offenses can significantly impact job prospects.

  • Lengthy background check processes may delay employment opportunities for felons.

Opportunities for Felons in the HVAC Industry

Skilled Worker Shortage

The shortage of hvac professionals creates opportunities for former felons. The demand for workers in the field is high due to a lack of skilled individuals.

Apprenticeship programs are crucial for providing felons with training and job prospects. These programs offer hands-on experience, allowing them to learn and work simultaneously.

Entry-Level Advancement

Starting as an entry-level technician is a common path for felons entering the HVAC industry. By gaining experience, they can progress in their careers, moving up to higher positions over time.


  • Apprenticeships provide practical training.

  • Entry-level positions allow skill development.


  • Limited advancement opportunities initially.

Background Checks for HVAC Employment

Background Checks

HVAC companies commonly perform background checks during the hiring process. These checks involve reviewing an applicant’s criminal record, verifying past employment, and contacting references. Some employers have specific policies regarding hiring individuals with criminal backgrounds.

HVAC companies may take a detailed look at an applicant’s history. While some companies may have strict policies against hiring felons, others consider individual circumstances before making a decision. Factors such as the type of offense, how long ago it occurred, and the individual’s conduct since then can influence whether a felon is hired.

Consideration for Employment


  • Provides opportunities for individuals with criminal histories

  • Encourages reintegration into society through meaningful employment


  • Some companies may have strict policies against hiring felons

  • Hiring decisions can vary significantly between different HVAC companies

Process of Obtaining an HVAC License with a Felony

Education and Experience Requirements

Felons looking to obtain an HVAC license must fulfill educational and experience prerequisites. They need to complete the required training or degree programs, such as technical courses or apprenticeships.

It’s crucial for felons to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems, ensuring they meet the qualifications set by licensing boards. If you have a criminal history, you can try to get a job with one of the best rated heating and cooling companies near me and the first step we recommend is to check with the state board in charge of licensing HVAC contractors for the most up to date information.



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