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Furnace Installation in Portland, OR

When it comes to a new furnace installation in Portland, homeowners trust Efficiency Heating and Cooling for all of their furnace and comfort system needs. We provide furnace installation in Portland, OR and heating services including repair & maintenance.

If your utility bills seem to keep going up, or your system just doesn’t seem to be able to keep you warm on cold days, it may simply be at the end of its life cycle & unable to operate efficiently anymore. Heating systems do wear out over time and you’re likely to start seeing inefficiencies when the system is only eight to ten years old. But before quoting to replace your existing furnace, call Efficiency Heating and Cooling! We can access you current heating system to see if it can be repaired. If it can’t be repaired we can help you with furnace installation or replacement in Portland, OR.

When the right furnace is installed, you will immediately notice the difference in your comfort and your energy bills. At Efficiency Heating and Cooling, we look at the whole picture to ensure that you receive the best possible comfort system for your family and your budget.

Furnace Replacement

Whether you’re upgrading to a more efficient heating system or building a new home from scratch, we offer a variety of furnace and heat pump brands to meet the capacity, efficiency rating or price you need. Our new systems are so much more efficient that they pay for themselves with energy savings in just a short time.

When you are selecting the right furnace or heat pump, we help you consider the size and age of your home, the number of rooms, the local climate, utility costs and the number of heating days in the season, incentive rebate programs and any environmental concerns. Let Efficiency Heating and Cooling help you make the right decision regarding the best heating unit for your home.

Matt saved us several years ago when our furnace died in January during a cold snap. We were leaving on vacation in a couple of days and my sister was staying over to help care for our mom who was in her 90’s so heat was a must! Matt got us a great furnace for a good price and quickly too. He even showed up at our door about a year later to make sure all was well. Since then we and other family members use Efficiency for our heating and cooling needs. Great company!

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Furnace Installation in Portland, OR
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