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Furnace Repair in Clackamas, OR

There’s a problem affecting furnaces nationwide, not just here in Clackamas, OR. It’s causing heating systems that should last 20 years to break down in 3/4 the time. What’s the problem? A neglect in maintenance of a heating system which leads to costly furnace repair in Clackamas, OR. It’s easy to do…furnaces are often tucked away in a basement or some other out-of-site place. But your heating system isn’t like other appliances, and tune-ups are a big deal.

Efficiency Heating & Cooling is a Clackamas heating company dedicated to helping our customers achieve lower cost indoor comfort solutions. And to help avoid the need for furnace repair in Clackamas, we offer low cost maintenance plans & tune-ups to keep your system running efficiently and reliably.

Heating Service in Clackamas – Done Right

There are quite a few homeowners who end up with an inexperienced heating company, and the result can be a lot of wasted money. Sometimes the cash is spent on equipment that isn’t needed, because the problem was really something else. Other times, the cash is burned on an old system on its last leg that just shouldn’t be repaired any more. This is one of the ways we shine above our competition. We have the in-depth experience to look at your system as a whole and give you the right advice. We tell you what we’d do if it were our home. Then, once a decision is made we perform repairs the right way, protecting your time and your money.

We’re a Company You Can Trust

If you’d like a relationship with a Clackamas furnace repair company you can completely trust, you’ve found the place! We believe that making our customers successful in their pursuit of quality comfort is our highest calling. Call us today and experience the Efficiency Heating and Cooling difference. We’re excited about enhancing the levels of your indoor comfort with industry leading service.

“Inspected furnace, supplied air filters, installed new breaker, furnace tune-up, sealed burner compartment and installed electrical housing. As a first-time homeowner and a non-fix-it person, I wanted to learn more about my home’s important systems, so I called Efficiency Heating & Cooling to come out for a service call hoping to get a better understanding of how to maintain my furnace. Matt gave us a helpful primer on both our furnace and thermostat. He pointed out the accumulation of construction dust in our new furnace and recommended we have the furnace and air ducts cleaned (not a service he provides). After that was done, he came to do a tune-up on the furnace, and he and his crew fixed a few loose ends that had been overlooked in the original install and replaced the old breaker with a correctly calibrated one. Additionally, he ordered new filters that were the correct size and would allow the furnace to function at its best. I was very pleased with the experience and now have a service agreement with Efficiency to make sure the furnace is maintained on time and correctly.”

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Furnace Repair in Clackamas, OR
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Heating Design and Installation

Heating Design and Installation

We might sound like a broken record on this topic, but there is nothing more important regarding your home comfort than the design and installation of your system. Some furnace repair needs are due completely to an installation not done right to begin with. Even on a replacement job, new furnaces are different than older ones, and they have new requirements. Simply swapping the old furnace for the new doesn’t work, and it will hurt the performance of your system. We do the work right, according to factory specifications. You’ll not find another Clackamas furnace repair and installation company that offers better service than we do — we guarantee it!

Seasonal Maintenance

Seasonal Maintenance

Furnace repair Clackamas – want to avoid the premature need for an emergency repair call? The answer is a seasonal maintenance plan. Keeping your equipment clean and ready for the season does a lot for the life and efficiency of your home comfort system. We service any make and model of gas and electric equipment (we also offer oil to gas conversions), and we’re detailed, friendly and trustworthy. When you call Efficiency Heating and Cooling for the comfort needs of your home, you’ll be very glad you did. Schedule service online today, or call us at 503-698-5588.

Efficiency Heating and Cooling appreciates your time considering us for your local Clackamas HVAC service. Our experience, quality comfort systems and family owned service means you will be incredibly happy that you gave us a call. We’re ready to enhance the quality of your home comfort system!