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Furnace Tune-up in Portland, OR

You invested wisely in your furnace equipment. Now make sure it operates efficiently, and lasts as long as possible, with a seasonal furnace tune-up in Portland, OR.

An annual furnace tune up will not only save you money on your monthly energy costs, but allow us to locate and fix potential issues with your heating system before they become major problems.

When you call Efficiency Heating & Cooling for a furnace tune-up you’ll get our 20 point gas furnace precision tune-up and safety inspection. Which includes:

  1. Cycle the Furnace
  2. Limited Blower Cleaning
  3. Clean or Change Filter (customer-supplied or we can provide you one)
  4. Test Safety Controls
  5. Test Temperature Differential
  6. Test & Service Flame Sensor
  7. Oil the Blower & Inducer Motor
  8. Test Amp Draw to Blower
  9. Rate/Set Furnace Input
  10. Test Amp Draw to Inducer
  11. Inspect Flue Pipe
  12. Test Hot Surface Igniter
  13. Clean Burners
  14. Tighten Electrical Connections
  15. Clean and Adjust Pilot Assembly
  16. Take a Carbon Monoxide reading
  17. Test Gas Pressure
  18. Brush & Inspect Heat Exchanger
  19. Test for Gas Leaks
  20. Vacuum Burner Compartment

A furnace tune up will ensure that your system runs safe and efficient all season long. Scheduling a tune-up with us before the cold weather sets in will give you piece of mind that’ll you’ll have a comfortable home this winter.


This is annual check up of a 20+ year-old furnace. Matt was very courteous and took time to explain what he was doing, what he recommended and why. He did not pressure me to buy a replacement but did follow up promptly, at my request, with a proposal for a replacement when we are ready. The proposal listed all options we discussed.

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Furnace Tune-up in Portland, OR
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