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Gas Furnace

A natural gas furnace is the king of toasty warm heat during a chilly Portland, OR winter season. If you are in a rural area without natural gas, they can also be fueled by propane. A gas furnace works by heating a metal object called a heat exchanger, and then forcing cool air from the home through the heat exchanger to warm it.

Heating Efficiency

An Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating is used to measure the efficiency of a gas furnace. This rating shows a percentage of fossil fuel actually converted into heat energy for heating your home. Modern furnaces can be as high as 98% AFUE which is incredible heating efficiency.

Variable Speed Fan Motors

A variable speed ECM fan motor (found in most above average furnaces now) not only helps efficiency, but provides better air quality and comfort because the fan operates more often at lower speeds. Variable speed fans are also whisper quiet — no more turning up the TV when the heating and air conditioning turns on. Remember…your furnace fan motor is used during the cooling season as well, because the air conditioner relies on it to move air through the home.

Modulating Flames & Condensing Technology

In the past, the flame that heats the heat exchanger was either high or in pilot mode. Now, fully modulating flames adjust at tiny increments for more efficient operation. Condensing technology allows a furnace to capture heat energy that was wasted in non-condensing furnaces. A condensing furnace is vented with PVC piping.

We offer new furnace installations & replacements  in Portland, Clackamas, Gresham & surrounding areas. We also offer heater repair and maintenance for any make and model of equipment. Call us today for exceptional service that will leave you happy!

Gas Furnace Installation

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