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Heat Pump Repair in Lake Oswego OR

Whether you need a heat pump repair or it’s not working to its highest capability, trust us for your heat pump service in Lake Oswego, OR. We can repair and service the most common heat pump problems to the most complex! Efficiency Heating and Cooling can service and repair all brands of heat pumps in Lake Oswego, OR. Call us for professional heating & cooling services at affordable prices.

Heat Pump Installation in Lake Oswego

Heat Pump systems are air conditioners that also provide heating for your home. Heat Pumps are very efficient heating & cooling systems, and are very popular because they are so quiet and environmentally friendly.  Our heat pump specialists can help choose the best fit heat pump for your home by going over the many options when choosing the heat pump that you want installed. If you are interested in a heat pump call us at (503) 698-5588.

Efficiency Heating and Cooling is a licensed and experienced installation contractor in Lake Oswego, who has installed many heat pumps in Lake Oswego  homes. The day your heating and cooling system is installed is the most important day because the installation determines the ultimate efficiency and life of the equipment. You want to ensure that the contractor who installs your equipment installs it correctly for you. To schedule your heat pump replacement or installation, call (503) 698-5588.

The heat pump wasn’t functioning properly and we thought it may be an installation error on my husband’s part. We ended up replacing the thermostat with a more efficient model that had a schematic we could verify. I just wanted to jot down a quick note to say thanks. The heat pump works amazing now and the new thermostat you installed was tailor-made for me! I know it was crazy at my house with me running off to school, the toddler and the dogs running amok, and the mis-wired old thermostat but you took it all in stride and managed to deliver exactly what we needed. I had to run before you were finished working on the thermostat and just in case you were wondering if I was a satisfied customer, I’d like to put your mind at ease: 100% satisfied. Thanks!

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Heat Pump Repair in Lake Oswego OR
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Heat Pump Repair in Lake Oswego!

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