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Heat Pump

A heat pump looks a lot like an air conditioner, and we’ll be the first to admit that the name ‘heat pump’ isn’t the best name for understanding what ones does. In a nutshell, a heat pump does the same thing as an air conditioner with one exception: it can also heat your home.

Heating and cooling your home is about one thing — moving heat energy. In the summer you want heat energy out of your home. In the winter, you need it back inside. An air conditioner and heat pump both cool by compressing refrigerant. This dissipates heat energy from the refrigerant into the air outside, which chills the refrigerant. The chilled liquid is then pumped inside to the indoor coil. Warm air from the home is forced through the chilled coil, and this removes heat energy.

In cooler weather, a heat pump reverses this cooling process. Instead of pulling heat energy from the home and dissipating it outside, heat energy from outside air is pulled and used to warm your home. Even when the air is cold, there is still heat energy.

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