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Heater Repair in Portland, OR

When you need heater repair in Portland, OR – you are not only uncomfortable, but you run the risk of damaging your heater and creating additional costly repairs if you don;t have it looked at. That’s when you should call Efficiency Heating and Cooling for heating service in Portland, OR.

Many homeowners are reluctant to have those small heating issues looked at, afraid it might be a major repair or a new heating system will need to be installed. But you can rest assured that when you call Efficiency Heating and Cooling, a knowledgeable technician will arrive at your home.  Sometimes things like a noisy heating unit or uneven heat in your home can be resolved with basic repairs or maintenance. Getting small problems addressed with your heater can make a big difference in your energy bills by ensuring your system is running efficiently.

Need a new heater in Portland? No problem

If it’s time for a new furnace or heat pump, Efficiency Heating and Cooling can help you explore all your options to choose the system that will operate most efficiently in your living space. We will then provide expert heating installation and advice on how to keep your system maintained and cleaned for optimal efficiency, safety and comfort.

Matt saved us several years ago when our furnace died in January during a cold snap. We were leaving on vacation in a couple of days and my sister was staying over to help care for our mom who was in her 90’s so heat was a must! Matt got us a great furnace for a good price and quickly too. He even showed up at our door about a year later to make sure all was well. Since then we and other family members use Efficiency for our heating and cooling needs. Great company!

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Heater Repair in Portland, OR
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