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Bryant Housewise™ Thermostat

Wi-Fi / App
Four equal sides. One unequaled solution.

Good things do come in small…and square packages! Get ready for the all new, better-than-ever-before, Housewise Wi-Fi thermostat! The Bryant Housewise™ thermostat redefines what a thermostat can be. From its modern design to its variety of equally modern features, this thermostat leaves no stone unturned in the search for more savings. In fact, homeowners saved an average of 20% on their heating and cooling energy costs.

Bryant Model Housewise™ Thermostat Info

The Bryant Housewise thermostat has a small 4” x 4” size that boasts easy–to–use smartphone touchscreen technology. Beneath the sleek appearance you’ll find WiFi remote connectivity, detailed energy reports and the ability to utilize as many or as few advanced features as you want. All so you can enjoy energy savings —and look good doing it. Some detailed specs:

  • Remote access via web portal or smartphone app
  • Energy reports and customized savings tips
  • Intelligent software adapts beyond manual programming for
  • greater efficiency, while meeting ideal comfort levels by
  • understanding home and system characteristics
  • Smartphone style, color touch screen
  • Indoor humidity sense and display
  • Local 4–day weather forecast
  • HVAC system alerts and maintenance reminders display dealer contact information
  • 7–day programmability with Guided Scheduling, Comfort Profiles and Touch–n–Go® Features
  • Heating/Cooling Smart Setback
  • Super Dehumidification, Cool to Dehumidify
  • Perfect Heat Pump System™ Feature
  • Auxiliary Heat During Defrost
  • Fan Optimization
  • Air Circulation (minimum time per hour)
  • Free Cooling with a Ventilator
  • Window Protect with a Humidifier
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Save Money With Smart Recovery

It’s great to have control, but it’s also nice knowing your thermostat can make intelligent, money-saving decisions on its own. The smart recovery feature automatically makes smart, energy-conserving adjustments based on your home’s heating and cooling gains and losses, changes in the weather and more. To take the savings a step further, the Housewise™ thermostat even offers energy tips based on your specific usage.

Sure, we can say that you can save money, but seeing is believing. With easy to comprehend graphics, the Housewise™ thermostat provides real-time monitoring, monthly energy reports and month-to-month comparisons. It’s never been easier to understand and manage your home energy consumption, from the thermostat itself, from a computer using your personal web portal or on a mobile device with the free, downloadable Housewise thermostat app.

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