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Gresham volunteers at a work site.

Volunteers are needed year-round to share expertise and help with a variety of natural areas enhancement projects in Gresham. There are volunteer opportunities for individuals, families, community and business groups. Efficiency Heating & Cooling is a company who cares about the comfort of your home, and the beauty of your city!

Hall Elementary Native Plant and Butterfly Garden Seeking Steward

Do you have a green thumb and want to do something in the community? Help stretch the school district’s maintenance resources by volunteering to help keep the garden looking great.  The Watershed Division provides annual support for the garden by hauling away green waste and delivering mulch.  We can also provide tools and treats for work parties.  If you are interested, please call or email  Keri Handaly at 503-618-2657.

Dump no waste - Columbia Slough

Dump No Waste—Drains to Stream.  Volunteers Wanted

The Watershed Division is also seeking volunteers to help mark storm drains in neighborhoods and commercial areas around town.  They provide maps, markers, glue, and safety equipment. These markers are important to remind people not to dump household waste, mop water, paint, oil, etc. down the storm drains because they go directly to our local streams without additional treatment.  If you are interested, please call Keri Handaly 503-618-2657.

There are many other opportunities to take care of the beautiful city of Gresham. We hope you’ll pitch in during this new year! Thanks for reading the Efficiency Heating & Cooling blog.