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Oil to Gas Furnace Conversion

If you heated your home with an oil fired furnace in Portland, OR last winter you probably paid around $1500. Did you know that a natural gas furnace would have cost close to half that amount? It’s true, according to the US Energy Information Administration. In fact, since early 2000, oil heating averages out at about 40% more than gas heating. These numbers make replacing an older, oil furnace with a new model very attractive. If you want to replace your oil furnace in Portland and convert to a gas furnace call Efficiency Heating and Cooling and start saving!

More Than Just Energy Savings

Making the move to a new gas furnace isn’t just about cheaper fuel either. Modern furnaces feature fully modulating flames and condensing technology that brings efficiency all the up to around 95% AFUE, with top models even exceeding this rating! Plus, variable speed fan motors are oh-so-very-quiet. If you turn up the TV when your HVAC system kicks on, those days can now be over.

We provide free estimates on upgrading your old oil furnace to a new, efficient natural gas furnace. Plus, our experience means the job is done right. Each detail of the conversion will be handled in the best possible way.

The Numbers Are In

Currently, about 50% of the United States uses natural gas, while under 10% use oil. The rest are either electric, propane or green energy solutions such as geothermal.

The ease of piping in natural gas for a furnace takes the hassle out of oil delivery. Plus, gas has lower carbon emissions than oil, so making the move not only saves your wallet, but it helps save the environment.

Call Efficiency Heating & Cooling to learn more about making the move from oil to gas fired heating. We’re a trusted Portland area heating company, and our services are second to none. We build on the foundation of equipment sourced from leading manufacturers. We can’t wait to enhance the quality of the comfort in your home.