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Customer Review for Beaverton Air Conditioning Installation

Review Regarding: Air Conditioning Installation
October 13, 2015 / Beaverton, or
5 Star Rating
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Moving to a new location can be stressful – not knowing who to call when you have a furnace that doesn’t work, you’d like to install an air conditioner, you have bent vents under the house and didn’t even know it. And everyone is telling you want to do and who to call. I scheduled 3 estimates. I cancelled the third after Efficiency & Cooling came out, did an amazing presentation – thank you Eddie, then on the way out noticed our breaker box would not support the added circuit for the air conditioner. It was Eddie’s creative thinking (something the other company entirely missed) that checked our water heater and said it was not only old, but if we converted to gas, problem solved. I new circuit box can, run between $1,000-$1,500+. Problem solved. In addition, Matt was the kindest person to work with for scheduled. Their team, outstanding completed the job in two days. I have never been happier. As part of their team, they have an amazing electrician, and a plumber that I am about to ask if he would like his own room. This house is/was a fixer upper and I can’t believe what these guys were able to accomplish! I wouldn’t hesitate to call for anything. In addition, the code guy had to come twice and they passed with flying colors. Matt takes care of all scheduling, calls, problems that arise and has an answer for me before his guys are finished A+++++++++++++++

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