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Breathe Easier By Getting Your Home Ducts Cleaned

There are potentially all kinds of things living in those ducts. We’ve seen it all. In most cases, it is just accumulated dust and debris, but we’ve even seen mold, animals and other things. The best solution is to have your ducts cleaned routinely.

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Do Duct Cleaning Services Really Help?

If you or somebody in your family experiences asthma or allergic reactions, you might be thinking about getting your home’s heating and cooling ducts cleaned. But even if you have no special health issues, cleaning your ducts may interest you at an intuitive level. After all, if your ducts are clean, all that air draining of your vents should come out tidy, too, right? Well, really, no, that is not constantly the case.

Although some duct-cleaning operations might insist duct cleansing is important for your health, the proof does not support their claims. Companies that perform duct cleansing frequently promote health benefits or recommend duct cleaning will lower your power expenses by enhancing your system’s effectiveness. Some advertisements even utilize language like, “Some studies have revealed …” but no information to back up these claims. Even if your ducts are filthy, cleaning them probably won’t offer any measurable benefits. In fact, the little independent research study carried out on duct cleansing suggests that the process stirs up a lot dust that it produces a larger problem than it resolves.

Although it intuitively makes good sense to tidy ductwork – after all, you dust and tidy the rest of your home – the reality is dust that settles in your ventilation system normally stays where it is, unlikely to end up being air-borne unless disturbed. Under the majority of situations, the dust is inert and harmless, and stirring it up with cleaning equipment actually produces bigger issues.

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Little research study has actually been done on the results of duct cleansing. Government studies from the United States and Canada and health specialists who have examined duct cleansing stop brief of advising versus it, however they also don’t endorse it as a routine measure.

A research study done by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency researchers determined dust levels and HVAC system performance in test houses throughout a one-week period throughout the cooling season and found duct cleaning did not considerably enhance dust levels or system performance.

Often changing air filters is the very best method to keep dust, irritants and other particles out of your house. With a newly installed system, or a system in a house you’ve just moved into, check your filter month-to-month to figure out how rapidly it gets unclean at different times of the year. Most must be replaced every two or 3 months.



Duct cleaning will not save energy

Although not always part of their fundamental cleaning company, lots of duct-cleaning business frequently likewise clean the heating & cooling devices (heat exchangers, cooling coils, condensate drain pans, fan motors, fan blades and fan real estates).

Another questionable claim made by most duct-cleaning operations and their trade association is that filthy ducts and equipment overburden heating & cooling equipment, which lose energy. Again, it intuitively makes good sense that a cleaner system will run smoother and last longer– after all, that’s why we and HVAC-equipment makers and repair services suggest that you frequently alter your filters.

Although much of the energy utilized to power heating and cooling devices is indeed lost, that waste is because of inefficient equipment, lousy insulation, leaks around windows and doors, and unsealed ductwork. While there’s some advantage to cleansing and maintaining HVAC devices, that benefit is relatively small, and little energy waste is attributable to unclean ducts or devices.

Some scientists found that when duct cleaners likewise cleaned up the blower-fan blades, there was a little reduction in air-borne particles. Cleaning the blower fan may likewise a little enhance your system’s energy efficiency.

The very same applies for the evaporator coils inside your house’s cooling system. Evaporator coils trigger condensation, dehumidifying the air before it distributes through your home. Condensed moisture can trigger dust and other particles to stick to and build up on the coils. Also, cleaning up the collector pan (and the drain spout in the pan) beneath the coils makes sure dirt doesn’t develop and get drawn into the system. It likewise avoids water from accumulating on and below the coils, which can trigger mold issues.

Likewise, think about having your duct system inspected for leakages, because leaking ducts lower performance and present air-quality issues.

In basic, consider duct cleansing only in response to specific recognizable issues. For instance, the EPA recommends having actually duct cleaned if there is noticeable proof of:

  • Substantial mold development.
  • Infestation of insects or rodents.
  • Substantial deposits of dust or particles (if registers were not sealed throughout a remodelling task, for instance).

If anyone in your home has particular health issues, such as allergic reactions or asthma, consult your doctor initially. It’s essential to identify the issue so your medical professional can suggest alternatives to duct cleansing. Start by identifying whether your ducts belong to the issue (they probably aren’t) and whether getting them cleaned will assist (it most likely won’t).



If you’re stressed over mold

If you presume a mold issue – either sense of noticeable development or a moldy odor consistently originating from supply vents – cleansing ducts will not do much good if it does not get rid of the mold. Mold begins with a wetness issue, and the ducts themselves are unlikely to be the source. The most likely offenders are the cooling system’s evaporator coils, which your heating and air-conditioning professional – and most duct-cleaning companies – can check and keep. Leaking return ducts can also introduce moisture. Again, if you assume a mold problem, think about having a service company check the duct system for leaks.

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