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Heat Pump Repair in Clackamas, OR

Heat pumps are versatile, energy-efficient devices that can significantly reduce the amount of money spent to heat and cool a home. However, because they’re so versatile, these devices often remain running throughout much of the year, and commonly face a lot of accumulated wear and tear.

In order to keep your heat pump in reliable working condition, you need an HVAC specialist who knows how to perform all required maintenance, and also knows how to quickly troubleshoot and repair any problems that arise. Efficiency Heating & Cooling can help you with heat pump repair in Clackamas, OR.

With a high-quality heat pump system, you can heat and cool your home for year-round comfort with greater efficiency than ever before. In order to get the best performance that you possibly can from any heat pump, though, it is important that you schedule your heat pump installation or replacement service with a skilled, extensively trained professional. When you work with Efficiency Heating & Cooling, that is just the type of technician you can expect to handle your service. Our technicians are NATE certified and they share our passion for truly exceptional customer and technical service. Call now to learn more about the heat pump services we offer to the Clackamas, OR area.

Heat Pump Repair Contractor in Clackamas

We all know how much of a hassle heat pump repair problems can be, but having a reliable company to call when the indoor air quality of your home or business becomes a concern is important. Efficiency Heating & Cooling has the solutions for you. Our highly trained team of technicians can quickly and effectively diagnose all of your heat pump repair issues and resolve them quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to provide complete and long lasting comfort solutions regardless of the time of year. We are sure our team can get all of your heat pump repair needs taken care of. All of our technicians are NATE certified and have proven to provide our customers with the results they look for when heat pump repair in Clackamas, OR is needed. We are a licensed heat pump repair company and are ready to show you how a customer should be treated.

How Does a Heat Pump Work So Efficiently?

Unlike traditional heating and cooling systems, which consume a fuel in order to heat and cool your home, a heat pump operates by transferring ambient heat from one area to another. This means that it will pull heat out of your home in the summertime to cool it, and transfer heat into your home to keep it warm in the winter. It is this utilization of the heat transfer principle that makes heat pumps such efficient and environmentally friendly home comfort systems.

I called Efficiency Heating again because we were having some problems with our heat pump. Even though this company didn’t install the unit, I knew that Matt would be able to solve the problem. And what a problem it was! It took great diligence on Matt and Richard’s parts to find the source of the trouble because it ended up being an extremely complicated problem. But find it they did, working long hours in order to get everything fixed. Matt went above and beyond in order to get us up and running again, and we are extremely grateful.

I am singing high praises for Matt and Richard.  They’re conscientious, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable.  Efficiency Heating & Cooling is who I call whenever I have a furnace or heat pump issue; they’re the best!

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Heat Pump Repair in Clackamas, OR
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