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Is it time for a new furnace installation? When you are selecting the right furnace or heat pump, there are a number of important factors to consider to reduce furnace costs.

We help you evaluate the size and age of your home, the number of rooms, the local climate, utility costs and the number of cold days in the season. This way you maximize your options for incentive rebate programs and reduce environmental concerns.

Let Efficiency Heating & Cooling help you make the right decision regarding the best furnace installation options for your home.

Efficiency Heating & Cooling are Pros When it Comes to Home Furnace Installation

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Learn about Our Furnace Installation Services

Replacing equipment is another area that suffers due to inexperienced contractors doing things the wrong way.

If your furnace needs replacing, simply swapping out the old for a new one just doesn’t cut it.

New furnace installations have different factory requirements for proper performance – requirements that older furnaces don’t have.

We are up-to-date on modern indoor comfort control, and we execute a job perfectly, whether it be a furnace tune-up or a brand new install!


Hire a Leading Gas Furnace Installation Company

Do you have an older furnace & need a replacement in the Greater Portland Area that is inefficient, and causing your winter heating bills to spike to an uncomfortable high?

You should schedule a free estimate with us today!

We are a Portland heating company that specializes in furnace replacements, including gas and oil to gas conversions.

We Can Help Save Money on Heating Bills

A modern, condensing gas furnace boasts outstanding efficiency ratings (up to 97% AFUE). These furnaces offer the following features:

  • Fully modulating flames. The flame that heats the heat exchanger is able to adjust in micro increments for more efficient operation.
  • Variable speed ECM fan motors. Do you have to turn up the TV when your heating and air kicks on? Not anymore. Variable speed motors are not only more efficient, but whisper quiet.
  • Condensing technology. Older furnaces let a lot of heat energy go to waste. Condensing technology allow a furnace to capture heat energy that used to be wasted, and use this to heat your home.


Precision Furnace Heating System Installation

We offer energy efficient products, skilled installation and ongoing maintenance, heating service. This is the most economical investment for your home comfort.

Our specialists evaluate the size of your home, location, insulation, weather, as well as your ideal expenses and utility costs.

We would be happy to explain warranty coverage, AFUE ratings, industry trends, and the benefits of continued maintenance, so you can make an informed purchase.

Contact us for a free estimate.

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More Information

Searching for Furnace Installation Near Me?

If you’re considering investing in a new furnace for your home there is no substitute for a trained and experienced furnace professional experienced in the installation process to reduce your furnace costs.

We are an HVAC company that has been serving the Greater Portland, Oregon area for years

We would be glad to offer you a free estimate for your needs with an average cost and answer any questions you might have about adding a maximum efficiency residential furnace system and reducing your installation costs.


How Much Does a New Furnace Cost?

Most electric or natural gas furnaces that are installed will be in an average cost range based upon furnace types so you will be able to plan your investment out accordingly.

In the Oregon region, the average cost of a furnace usually ranges from $3,000 to more than $15,000.

Average prices really depend upon the size of your home and the features desired from your previous furnace type.

The installation process of a high energy efficiency furnace unit typically takes 1-3 days.


Find a Reliable Furnace Installer with a Quality Guarantee

Before you call air conditioning or heating companies for a furnace replacement or installation, it is a good idea to do some homework on your part.

You need to know the previous furnace type you want as well as the exact size of the space you plan to install it.

It’s also important to find out if you need to get the services of an electrician in cases you are evaluating energy efficiency electric furnaces.

This means you need to know the basic pros and cons of a natural gas furnace or electric furnace

Depending on the type of home furnace system, desired home temperature, and the complexity of installation, some people will do the job themselves.

However, it’s advisable to hire a professional new furnace technician or home furnace contractor if you want to avoid incurring additional costs during the furnace installation process.


Not only can poorly installed gas or electric furnaces cause electrical problems and even cause fires, but it can also put your family at risk.

Adding a new furnace is not something to take lightly. Electric and gas furnace repair and installation can be complicated.


Install a Gas Furnace or Install an Electric Furnace in Your Home?

There are many factors that go into determining the average cost of your residential natural gas furnaces if you want a line gas furnace.

The first factor that affects the price of labor is the skill level required for the job.

Other factors include connecting to the gas supply, removing the old furnace, and utilizing the appropriate HVAC equipment.


Trust the pros when it comes to heating your home

Some home owners are more comfortable adding their own furnaces, while others will opt for the assistance of a pro for furnace installations of a new heating system.

There are peop who feel more comfortable tackling a job themselves, while others would rather entrust the task to a skilled contractor.

Since there are numerous gas furnace brands and electric furnace prices vary significantly, you might want to depend upon an expert in high efficiency gas furnaces or HVAC unit with great capacity for heated air temperature levels.


Who to Trust to Install A New Furnace in Your Home?

Once you’ve decided whether or not you should DIY your furnace unit installation or hire a professional contractor, there are several other things that will influence the overall average cost of the project and system.


Accuracy reduces unexpected costs

For instance, the size of the space where you plan on adding the new home furnace will play a significant role in the overall cost of the project.

If you’re installing a large furnace in a small room, the overall cost of a high efficiency furnace upgrade might be greater than if you were to add a smaller high efficiency unit or system in a larger room.


Considerations When Searching for Furnace Install Near Me

In addition, certain parts of the house are more likely to require installation due to their location, such as attics, basements and crawlspaces.

While there aren’t usually new installation costs involved with these areas, you should be aware that you will likely incur additional electricitycharges.

Similarly, installing a furnace in a basement will typically be more expensive than putting one in a garage.


Professional Furnace Installers are Experienced With HVAC Problems

In addition to the size of the room where you plan to have the furnace installed, the type of new furnace for your home system will also affect the overall price of the project.

For instance, having a gas furnace installed will be much more expensive than installing electric furnaces.


Not all spaces need the same resources

Peopl need to also consider the climate zone of the area they live in when choosing the most appropriate standard efficiency electric or natural gas furnace type of system for their home.

A cool climate zone will generally charge more for a furnace than a warm climate zone.

Since the cost varies by each location and energy source, it’s important that home owners shop around for a new furnace or HVAC system to determine the best overall match.


Factors Affecting New Furnace Services

The size of the unit or system will also play a major factor in overall new furnace prices.

An oil furnace is generally the most expensive to install because it uses an oil fuel.

Oil furnaces can be an excellent choice of equipment for those who don’t foresee changing to a different fuel anytime soon.

However, they are the largest fuel producers and are often more energy-inefficient than other types of units. They also tend to require frequent tune-ups and maintenance.


Electric furnaces also have unique considerations that need to be keep in mind when calcualting the overall furnace replacement cost.


Factors Affecting Installing Furnaces in Residential Properties

As with any appliance or equipment, there are several factors that will contribute to the total cost of your type of furnace.

People need to take into account the actual cost of purchasing the unit as well as the cost factor associated with operating it.

This includes the energy bills resulting from the furnace.


Before purchasing any furnace, it’s a good idea to consult an Energy Star professional in your zip code to make sure your home qualifies for best price rebates.

These rebates will typically be based on the energy consumption of the house’s equipment as well as how electricity efficient the furnace is.

Gas furnace prices for operation and gas furnace costs can be higher than one would think.


New gas furnaces offer many advantages over oil furnace installation

One should always consider long term common furnace repair problems.

An exact furnace replacement cost can be difficult to predict and different furnace models have unique advantages.


Furnace Installs in New Homes for Homebuilders

If you purchase a small home, you’ll likely need to purchase a furnace that has a larger fuel capacity than average.

As with most things HVA related, we can help you sort out the top gas furnace brands, electricity requirements, and AFUE rating for your needs.

Before you know it you will have a beautiful new furnace in your home.


The existing furnace will be able to heat more space with forced air, which will lead to a greater overall energy bill

An important factor to determine is it’s important that homeowners check with their heating contractors about the difference between choose to install a low end or high end, new large or small furnace because it will affect the long term furnace replacement cost.


How to Choose Trustworthy Pros to Add a New Furnace to Your Home


When choosing a high end furnace, homeowners should also determ the labor cost of the contractor they’ll be working with when it comes time to install the furnace or any repair costs.


A good contractor will have extensive experience with high efficiency furnaces and air conditioning units, will help to ensure proper installation of a furance unit.

Additionally, good contractors have access to quality insulation, ductwork, gas lines, heat exchangers, variable speed blower, vent pipes, and flue pipes.

Even though it takes longer to do it the right way, they will ensure that the installation goes smoothly and the correct furnace operates at peak efficiency with energy savings from the beginning.


Know what you need for your house

While there are many furnace types on the market today, two of the most popular to save energy are gas and electric.

With so many energy efficient furnaces available, it’s possible to find a great furnace unit for your home at a reasonable price that will maximize your annual fuel utilization efficiency and reduce energy costs.

It’s also possible to find a quality unit that will last for decades on end and this will reduce your total furnace replacement cost.



You can ask your furnace installation service techs about the square footage of your house and about the required investment.

In fact, they can also suggest you about the size furnace you would require based upon the square footage.

They can also help you determine the heat generating appliances that are best suited for your space.

Moreover, the service techs also recommend the right kind of furnace installation for your home or office based on the estimated amount of usage.


The most costly part of gas or oil furnaces after furnaces filters and blowers is the furnace cost seen in energy bills.


Reduce costs and overhead

The furnace installation professionals help you reduce the furnace cost by recommending energy efficient furnaces with excellent performance and natural warmth output.

The heat pumps are another major element that has a significant impact on furnace prices.

Therefore, it is important for you to compare heat pump prices, labor costs, and installation costs before deciding on the right furnace cost.

It is also advisable to study about the pros and cons for maximum efficiencty of various heat pumps before making your final decision.


The decision to install a furnace is one of the more important furnace decision that homeowners must make.

Replacing furnace can be an excellent addition to any home, but in some areas of the country they can cost much more than a new one.

Before you choose any type of furnace for your home, be sure to take into account the furnace cost and labor costs to have it installed, and compare it to other types of furnaces available on the market.

In many cases, a furnace installation will not be as expensive as having it replaced, so it is important to find out all the facts before making a final choice.

The cost differences between new HVAC installation of a new unit or repairing a furnace serving an entire house is something most homeowners must consider when looking at making the best decision for air conditioner or HVAC companies.


An HVAC professional offering a range of gas and electric models will help reduce furnace installation costs per square foot with a new furnace.

The right sized furnace affects the immediate and long term costs of a home improvement project since this affects factors including existing ducts, the condensate drain, carbon monoxide considerations, yearly maintenance costs and utility bills.

When adding a new unit to a home, most people need an air conditioner or HVAC professional to lower the furnace installation costs of a home improvement project.


Learn what you need for your place

Factors such as oil prices play into a home’s furnace and heating needs with standard efficiency per square foot.

The last thing you want to do to fix your HVAC system problems is trying read the instruction manual and trying to duct tape an improperly installed heating source for air leaks every few hours.


When you are going to install a furnace, you need to consider the energy source (or fuel source and its additional cost implied) and the home’s square footage.

Often it is best to leave it to the local pros are HVAC technician certified and have specialized training in nearly every type of furnace.

They can offer regular cleaning, duct repairs, and offer maintenance plans for minimal additional costs.

Being prepared for the winter season means checking duct work, the function of the main unit, doing repairs, and upgrading any old equipment.

The average home in your zip code could use a double check of their system and it might make sense to have an HVAC pro add an HVAC system, add new ductwork, and double check the output degree fahrenheit of the forced air, and making any winter repairs.


To give you a better understanding of how we aim to do a good job, we offer the most popular type of heating options with a solid AFUE rating in the low end and in the long run it will be one of the best decisions you make when it comes to choosing heating systems.

Additional reading of the unit’s manual will describe the amount of energy required to move one pound of air and the top rated pro systems heat your home and are a great home improvement solution that will last 10 years or even 20 years.


We are here to help

We can help you heat your home with a new furnace installation or new system if you find that your heating is taking longer and your equipment is having to work harder.


Understand the factors that affect your budget

There are many factors including the home size and the age of your heating systems and removing the old equipment when it comes to trying to save money.

The life span of an order, making decisions about quotes, managing a project budget and choosing materials all play into the furnace installer or contractor you choose to pay to complete the work.


Evaluating a project

Furnace replacement is a consideration when it comes to evaluating the heating capacity of a home and most homeowners need to decide whether or not installing a new furnace is better than repairing an old one. Installing a new furnace actually has many benefits but will cost more upfront.

Doing the best work we can

Heating and cooling services do add an extra cost to home maintenance. We do our best to reduce the cost for our customers we understand that the cost of installing or replacing all equipment is significant. For this reason we do whatever we can to reduce the cost when it comes to repairing, replacing or installing a new unit. There are often other factors to add to the cost such as ductwork updates, thermostat replacement or any specific sort of ductwork or thermostat repairs.

A consideration when it comes to installing a new furnace is the price of a new furnace greater than the cost of repairing an old furnace and having to replace ducts and other accessories.

Understanding the job

Homeowners need to understand that the installation process will add to their long-term savings and it will extend the life of the furnace in their home. For example, even things such as deciding to replace old windows, replace old ducts, or replace outdated controls will help you save money over time. The replacement of outdated elements will offer a cost savings in the future. Another factor to consider when installing new equipment is that you have to pay for labor and the expertise necessary to complete a job. Such work isn’t as simple as connecting a propane tank to a burner. There are things such as electrical inspections that need to occur to make sure the electrical systems are functioning properly or in the case the oil or gas is used, the ground needs to be inspected for any fuel line issues.

Our team is highly trained to perform a furnace installation and finish the project on the hour as projected based upon the specific model and requirements to perform such a task. We have at our disposal highly qualified contractors that can help with any project and work with nearly any model you might have. Our contractors can do boiler replacement efficiently, install or repair pretty much any brand, and offer a thorough inspection for any projects that you might have.



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