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When you are selecting the ideal furnace or heatpump, we help you consider the size and age of your home, the variety of areas, the regional environment, energy expenses and also the variety of home heating days in the season, incentive refund programs as well as any kind of ecological worries.

Let Efficiency Heating & Cooling help you make the best choice relating to the best heating replacement for your home.


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Replacing devices is another location that suffers due to inexperienced professionals doing things the wrong way. If your heating system needs changing, simply switching out the old for a brand-new one simply does not cut it. New heaters have various factory requirements for correct performance– requirements that older heaters do not have. We are up-to-date on modern indoor convenience control, and we execute a task perfectly, whether it be a heating system tune-up or a brand name new setup!



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Do you have an older heating system & need a replacement and that is ineffective, and causing your winter season heating expenses to increase to an uncomfortable high? You should arrange a free quote with us today! We desire you to understand that Efficiency Heating & Cooling is a Portland area heating business that focuses on heater replacements consisting of gas and oil to gas conversions.

Setting Up a New Furnace Can Saves on Heating Bills

A modern, condensing gas heating system boasts impressive efficiency rankings (as much as 97% AFUE). These furnaces provide the following functions:

Completely Modulating Flames: The flame that warms the heat exchanger has the ability to adjust in micro increments for more efficient operation.

Variable Speed ECM Fan Motors: Do you have to turn up the TELEVISION when your heating and air kicks on? Not anymore. Variable speed motors are not just more effective, however whisper quiet.

Condensing Technology: Older heating systems let a great deal of heat go to waste. Condensing innovation enable a heating system to capture heat energy that utilized to be squandered, and utilize this to heat your house.



Precision Furnace Heating System Installation

With energy effective products, skilled installation and continuous upkeep, heating service from Efficiency Heating & Cooling is the most economical investment for your home comfort. Our professionals examine the size of your house, location, insulation, weather, as well as your ideal expenditures and energy costs. We would more than happy to describe warranty protection, AFUE rankings, market trends, and the benefits of continued maintenance, so you can make a notified purchase. Call Efficiency Heating & Cooling for a totally free heating system installation estimate.

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To get the perfect combination of comfort features and energy efficiency for your home, take a look at these gas furnaces from Bryant®. From the top-of-the-line Evolution®987M through the solidly built Legacy™ line furnaces, Bryant® furnaces perform. For Bryant® furnace installation in Gresham – call Efficiency Heating & Cooling. We’re a NATE certified & Portland Bryant Factory Authorized dealer.

Related Information

Beaverton Furnace Installation Services – Expert & Efficient

Proper installation of a new gas heating system is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your new heater. Hiring experienced professionals for the installation of your new heating and air conditioning system is essential. Professional contractor installation of plumbing, electrical, and new heater not only reduces the risk of future breakdowns and costly repairs but also guarantees compliance with safety regulations and manufacturer guidelines. By entrusting your gas heating system installation to experts in the field, you can have peace of mind knowing that your heaters will be set up correctly.

A well-installed heating system installation, such as a furnace, not only improves indoor comfort but also enhances air quality in the house. With the right size and setup, you can enjoy efficient heating and cooling throughout your home or business premises with a heater, air conditioning, and gas. If you are in need of a heater or air conditioning installation or replacement, it’s time to call in the plumbing and heating experts who can handle the job with precision and expertise.

Benefits of Hiring a Full-Service HVAC Company in Beaverton, OR

When it comes to heating system installation and air conditioner services, it’s crucial to hire a professional HVAC company that offers comprehensive services. Whether you need a new heater or gas repairs, relying on experts is essential. Opting for a full-service HVAC company in Beaverton, OR can provide you with numerous benefits and ensure that all your gas heating system needs are met efficiently.

Comprehensive Solutions for All Heating Needs

Full-service HVAC companies go beyond just furnace installation. They offer a wide range of comprehensive gas heating solutions to meet all your heater requirements. Their system setup is designed to provide efficient and reliable heating. Whether you need assistance with selecting the right gas heater for your home or require maintenance and repairs for your heating system installation, these companies have got you covered.

By hiring a full-service HVAC company, you can benefit from their expertise and experience in heating system installation, heater, and gas industry. Their technicians are knowledgeable about various gas heating systems and can guide you in choosing the most suitable heater option for your specific needs. They take into consideration factors such as the size of your home, energy efficiency requirements, budget constraints, and the type of heating system you have to recommend the best gas furnace for optimal comfort.

Trained Technicians for Installation, Maintenance, and Repairs

One of the key advantages of hiring a full-service HVAC company is having access to trained technicians who specialize in heating system installation, maintenance, and repairs. This ensures that your heater is in good hands and will be properly taken care of. These heating professionals undergo extensive training to ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle all aspects of your heater.

Skilled technicians will ensure that your new heater and heating system is properly installed according to manufacturer guidelines. This helps prevent any potential issues with the heater or heating system down the line and ensures optimal performance from day one. Moreover, regular maintenance by professionals can help extend the lifespan of your furnace while keeping your heater operating at peak efficiency.

Inevitably, heating systems and furnaces may encounter problems over time due to wear and tear or other issues with the heater. With a full-service HVAC company at your disposal, you have heating system experts readily available who can diagnose and repair any heating system problems promptly. This saves you time and hassle while ensuring that your heating system is back up and running efficiently.

Convenience and Single Point of Contact

By choosing a full-service HVAC company, you can enjoy the convenience of having a single point of contact for all your heating system needs. Rather than dealing with multiple contractors or service providers, you can rely on one company to handle everything from installation to repairs.

This not only streamlines the process but also ensures consistent communication and accountability. You won’t have to juggle between different contacts or worry about coordinating schedules. Instead, you can rely on the full-service company to take care of all your heating needs promptly and efficiently.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Furnace Installation Service in Beaverton, OR

Oregon, it’s essential to choose the right service provider. Here are some factors to consider before making your decision:

Licensed and Insured Contractors

To ensure a safe and reliable furnace installation, it’s crucial to hire licensed and insured contractors. A valid license indicates that the contractor has met the necessary requirements and possesses the skills and knowledge needed for the job. Insurance coverage protects you from any liability in case of accidents or damage during the installation process.

Reputation Matters

Before finalizing your choice, take some time to research and evaluate the reputation of different furnace installation services. Look for customer reviews and testimonials online to get an idea of their track record. Positive feedback from satisfied customers is a good indication of their professionalism and quality of work. On the other hand, negative reviews can serve as warning signs.

Compare Pricing Estimates

To ensure you’re getting a fair deal, it’s wise to compare pricing estimates from multiple furnace installation service providers in Beaverton. While cost shouldn’t be the sole determining factor, obtaining quotes from various companies will give you an idea of average market rates. Be cautious of extremely low prices as they may indicate subpar workmanship or the use of inferior materials.

Warranties on Equipment and Labor

Choose a furnace installation company that offers warranties on both equipment and labor. A warranty provides peace of mind knowing that if any issues arise with your newly installed furnace within a specified period, you won’t have to bear additional costs for repairs or replacements. This demonstrates the confidence that the company has in its products and services.

By considering these factors when choosing a furnace installation service in Beaverton, OR, you can make an informed decision that meets your needs while ensuring long-term satisfaction with your new heating system.

The Impact of Proper Furnace Installation on Energy Efficiency

A properly installed furnace operates at peak efficiency, reducing energy consumption.

A properly installed furnace plays a crucial role. An accurately installed furnace ensures that it operates at its peak efficiency, which in turn reduces energy consumption. This means that you can enjoy a warm and comfortable home while keeping your utility bills in check.

One of the key factors in achieving optimal energy efficiency is ensuring that the furnace is correctly sized for your home. A professional installation service will carefully assess the size and layout of your living space to determine the appropriate furnace size. By installing a furnace that matches the heating needs of your home, you can avoid unnecessary energy waste and ensure that every bit of heat produced is put to good use.

Correctly sized ductwork ensures efficient airflow throughout your home.

In addition to selecting the right-sized furnace, proper installation also involves ensuring efficient airflow throughout your home. This is achieved by correctly sizing and installing ductwork. Ducts are responsible for distributing heated air from the furnace to different rooms in your house. If the ductwork is not properly designed or installed, it can result in restricted airflow or leaks, leading to inefficient heating and wasted energy.

By having professionals install and optimize your ductwork, you can ensure that each room receives an adequate amount of warm air without any obstructions or leaks along the way. This allows for consistent heating throughout your home while minimizing energy loss through leaky ducts.

Professional installation minimizes heat loss or air leaks, maximizing energy savings.

Improper installation can lead to heat loss or air leaks within your heating system. Gaps or cracks in connections between components such as pipes, vents, and flues can result in wasted heat escaping into areas where it’s not needed. These inefficiencies not only increase energy consumption but also make it harder for your furnace to maintain a comfortable temperature, leading to longer running times and increased wear and tear on the system.

By opting for professional installation, you can minimize heat loss and air leaks. Experienced technicians will ensure that all connections are properly sealed and insulated, preventing any unnecessary energy waste. This not only maximizes energy savings but also extends the lifespan of your furnace by reducing strain on the system.

An energy-efficient furnace helps lower utility bills while reducing environmental impact.

Investing in an energy-efficient furnace not only benefits your wallet but also contributes to a greener environment. By reducing energy consumption through proper installation, you can significantly lower your monthly utility bills. This means more money in your pocket for other expenses or savings.

Furthermore, an energy-efficient furnace reduces your carbon footprint by consuming less fuel or electricity to achieve the same level of heating comfort. This helps combat climate change and promotes sustainability by conserving valuable resources.

Enhancing Indoor Air Quality with Professional Furnace Installation

Proper furnace installation goes beyond just heating your home efficiently. It also plays a crucial role in enhancing the indoor air quality, ensuring that you and your family breathe clean and fresh air. Let’s explore how expert furnace installation can significantly impact the air you breathe.

Proper Ventilation Systems for Improved Indoor Air Quality

When you opt for professional furnace installation, one of the key aspects is ensuring proper ventilation systems are in place. These systems help to circulate and filter the air effectively, removing dust, allergens, and pollutants that may be present in your home. By improving ventilation, you can reduce the risk of respiratory issues caused by poor air quality.

High-Quality Filters for Effective Air Filtration

Another important element of professional furnace installation is the use of high-quality filters. These filters are designed to trap dust particles, allergens, and other pollutants that can compromise indoor air quality. With their efficient filtration capabilities, these filters ensure that the air circulating throughout your home remains clean and free from harmful contaminants.

Prevention of Carbon Monoxide Leaks

One significant danger associated with improper furnace installation is the risk of carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that can be extremely harmful when inhaled. Expert furnace installation ensures proper venting and sealing to prevent any potential leaks, safeguarding your indoor air quality and protecting your family’s health.

Adequate Airflow Distribution for Freshness

Well-installed furnaces also contribute to adequate airflow distribution within your home. This eliminates stagnant pockets of air, which can become breeding grounds for mold or mildew growth. By promoting consistent airflow throughout your living spaces, professional furnace installation helps maintain a fresh and comfortable environment.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance with Certified Furnace Installers

To ensure the safety of your home and family, it’s crucial to hire certified furnace installers. These professionals adhere to strict safety standards, protecting you from potential hazards such as gas leaks. With their expertise, they can handle complex installations safely and efficiently.

Adhering to Safety Standards

Certified furnace installers prioritize safety above all else. They are well-versed in the necessary precautions to prevent accidents and ensure a secure installation process. By hiring these professionals, you can rest assured that your new furnace will be installed correctly and without any electrical or gas-related issues.

Compliance with Building Codes

Local building codes and regulations exist for a reason – they ensure that homes are constructed and maintained in a safe manner.Compliance with these codes is essential. Certified installers have an in-depth understanding of these requirements and will make sure that your new furnace meets all necessary standards.

Expertise in Complex Installations

Some furnace installations can be more complex than others, especially when dealing with older homes or unique architectural designs. Certified installers have the knowledge and experience to handle these challenging tasks effectively. They know how to navigate potential obstacles, ensuring that your new furnace is installed properly without compromising its functionality or safety.

Peace of Mind

Hiring certified professionals for your furnace installation provides peace of mind. Knowing that trained technicians are handling the task gives you confidence that everything will be done correctly from start to finish. You won’t have to worry about potential issues arising due to improper installation or non-compliance with safety regulations.

Reduced Risk of Accidents

One of the main advantages of hiring certified installers is the reduced risk of accidents occurring during or after the installation process. These professionals are trained to identify potential hazards and take appropriate measures to mitigate them effectively. By entrusting your furnace installation to certified experts, you minimize the chances of accidents and ensure the safety of your home and loved ones.

Long-Term Cost Savings and Warranty Coverage for Beaverton Residents

Proper furnace installation is not just about ensuring safety and compliance; it also brings long-term cost savings and warranty coverage for homeowners in Beaverton. By investing in professional installation, residents can extend the lifespan of their equipment, reduce replacement costs, and enjoy the benefits of extended warranties offered by manufacturers.

When a furnace is installed correctly by authorized professionals, it operates efficiently, leading to fewer repairs over time. This means that homeowners in Beaverton can save money on costly repairs down the line. By entrusting the installation to experts who understand the intricacies of the system, residents can rest assured that their furnaces will be set up optimally.

One of the significant advantages of having a furnace installed by professionals is the extended warranty coverage provided by many manufacturers. These warranties offer peace of mind to property owners as they protect against any potential defects or issues with the equipment during a specified period. With an authorized installation, homeowners in Beaverton can take advantage of these extended warranties, ensuring that they are covered if any problems arise.

Investing in professional furnace installation guarantees value for money. While some individuals may be tempted to cut costs by attempting DIY installations or hiring inexperienced technicians, this often leads to more significant expenses in the long run. Improperly installed furnaces can result in inefficiency, frequent breakdowns, and reduced lifespan. In contrast, professional installers have the expertise and knowledge necessary to ensure proper setup and functioning.

By choosing authorized professionals for furnace installation, Beaverton residents can save both time and money. Professional installers have access to high-quality materials and tools needed for efficient installations. They are familiar with local building codes and regulations, ensuring compliance with safety standards. Moreover, their experience allows them to complete installations quickly without compromising on quality.

Homeowners who invest in professional furnace installation also benefit from ongoing maintenance services provided by reputable companies. Regular maintenance ensures that the equipment operates at its peak efficiency, reducing energy consumption and lowering utility bills. Routine inspections can identify potential issues before they escalate into costly repairs.

Why Professional Furnace Installation Matters in Beaverton, OR

In Beaverton, OR, professional furnace installation is crucial for several reasons. Hiring a full-service HVAC company ensures that the installation process is done correctly and efficiently, providing numerous benefits to homeowners. With proper installation, residents can enjoy improved energy efficiency, enhanced indoor air quality, and compliance with safety standards.

Proper furnace installation plays a significant role. A professionally installed furnace operates at optimal levels, maximizing its energy-saving capabilities. This means lower utility bills for homeowners in Beaverton while reducing their carbon footprint.

Another advantage of professional installation is the improvement in indoor air quality. Certified furnace installers know how to properly seal ductwork and ensure adequate ventilation systems are in place. This helps filter out pollutants and allergens from entering the home, creating a healthier living environment for residents.

Safety is also a critical aspect of professional furnace installation. Certified installers adhere to safety standards and regulations established by industry authorities. By choosing certified professionals, Beaverton residents can have peace of mind knowing that their furnace has been installed safely and according to code requirements.

To ensure long-term cost savings and warranty coverage, it’s essential to rely on experienced professionals for furnace installation in Beaverton. Expert installers will not only provide efficient installation but also offer warranty coverage on their workmanship. This protects homeowners from unexpected repair costs down the line.

In conclusion,OR, hiring a professional HVAC company is crucial for energy efficiency improvements, enhanced indoor air quality, safety compliance, and long-term cost savings with warranty coverage. Don’t compromise on these important factors; choose certified installers who prioritize your comfort and well-being.


How long does a professional furnace installation typically take?

The duration of a professional furnace installation depends on various factors such as the complexity of the installation, the type of furnace being installed, and any additional modifications required. On average, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day.

Can I install a furnace myself to save money?

While it may be tempting to attempt a DIY furnace installation to save money, it is highly discouraged. Furnace installation requires specialized knowledge and skills to ensure proper functioning and safety. It’s best to rely on certified professionals who have the expertise and experience in handling such installations.

Will professional furnace installation help reduce my energy bills?

Yes, professional furnace installation can help reduce energy bills. A properly installed furnace operates more efficiently, maximizing its energy-saving capabilities. This results in lower utility bills over time.

How often should I schedule maintenance for my newly installed furnace?

Regular maintenance is crucial for maintaining the performance and longevity of your furnace. It is recommended to schedule annual maintenance visits with HVAC professionals to ensure optimal operation and catch any potential issues before they escalate.

Are there any financing options available for furnace installation in Beaverton?

Many HVAC companies offer financing options for homeowners looking to install a new furnace. These options allow you to spread out the cost of installation over time, making it more manageable for your budget. Contact local HVAC providers in Beaverton to inquire about their financing options.


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