How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Furnace?

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Furnace?


Using a gadget or something that involves a lot of technology has the risk of breaking eventually. People may overuse some of their gadgets and other items which may lead to them not operating the same way they used to, these furnaces might also malfunction and eventually stop. A furnace has a very similar story and does the same after a prolonged period of time. Users might have their furnace for over 10 years without having much of a problem. This is the longevity offered by furnaces. These items are rather large and cannot be changed every year. The need of changing the furnace can arise only if there is a problem or if someone needs a fresh one for a new home.


While operating a furnace there could be technical difficulties that arise due to the irregular functioning of the different components present inside. This is when the user must call a technician who can diagnose the problem and fix a furnace by replacing the broken part with a new one. This process is much simpler than buying a whole new furnace on its own which could cost a lot more money. The inconvenience would also be a lot, considering the size of the furnace as well as the logistics aspect of it. People mostly resort to repairing one part or multiple to make sure that there is not much expense in the entire process. This also ensures that most of the cost is cut through the warranty that is available.


Feature that must be kept in mind before repairing a furnace

Before even looking in to buy a new furnace we look at some factors that could affect our choice and outcome. We must follow the same principle while looking for a suitable repair agency to work on the broken parts. There are aspects that must be taken into consideration which would definitely help save a lot of money. Let us have a look at some of the main features and aspects that can be taken into account while figuring out the right step to take before sending the furnace you own to be repaired:


  1. Brand and Manufacturing

Each company prides themselves with the ability to put up quality goods out on the market. The quality is seen and tested by people after they have used the product for a certain period of time. When one buys a certain piece of equipment they have a look at the brand and all of the past reviews that come along with it. If the brand is reputed the person feels much safer buying the product. However, this has a major drawback when it comes to repairing the furnace when it is not under warranty. If the product is expensive it simply means that the parts being used to replace the spoiled ones would also be expensive. This is where picking a moderate yet reliable brand helps.



  1. Upgraded Features and the Location of the Furnace in the House

Furnaces have a primary work to supply heat to the people living in the house. Most of the furnaces are either powered by electricity or by gas. The ones powered by gas do not have too many features that can be added to them. The ones which are powered by electricity have different features which can also help make the model compatible with a majority of weather conditions. People can now use the same furnace as an Air Conditioner in their room. The additional features however, comes with a plethora of difficulties lined up. One must have different parts to change while repairing an expensive furnace which could go on to increase the costs. The entire process itself could have a setback considering the location of the furnace as well. If the furnace is a difficult place to work on in the house the person fixing it might have some issues and charge more money which would ultimately bump the costs up.



Average Costs of Each Part in the Furnace

  1. Repair of the Blower Motor

The Blower motor is supposed to be the most essential part of the entire furnace which makes up for all the heat being traversed around. If the blower motor gets spoiled entirely it can be replaced with an average cost of $450. However, if the product does not get entirely spoiled but has another defect, the problem can be solved for an average of $150.


  1. Replacement of the Igniter

The igniter essentially lights up the fire and is another important piece in the furnace arrangement. This piece is small but does require $300 to $400 to replace entirely.


  1. Thermostat and Flame Sensor Replacement

A thermostat is simply present inside the furnace to regulate the temperature of the surrounding. Without a thermostat the conditions would simply be too hot or too cold which would not serve the purpose. This cannot be repaired but can be replaced for an average amount of $100. The price could increase depending on the model.


  1. Heat Exchanger in the Furnace

This is another essential yet very expensive piece that is part of the furnace. The cold air is basically replaced with warm air from the furnace with the help of this exchanger. Despite having a very simple function, the price of it simply skyrockets. One can repair the heat exchanger for an amount of $100. However, if the damage is too severe it might have to be replaced. This is a very costly affair which places the value between $500 and $1,200 depending on the quality


  1. Gas Valve and Circuit Board

Both of these items are secondary when it comes to the furnace but are also important for the optimal functioning of the furnace. These parts cannot be repaired at all because of their size. One could get a new circuit board for $100 to $250. The gas valve is something that depends on the brand name and quality. There is a wide price range available in these right from $150 to $750 for the one with the highest quality.


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