How to Repair a Furnace Ignitor

Replacing the Igniter in Your Furnace

In many cases, the furnace ignitor is simply worn out and will not work when placed in the furnace. The question is, how do you identify if your furnace needs to be repaired or replaced?


It is important to know how to repair a furnace ignitor so you can prevent further damage to your furnace. It is also important so you can determine if it is the right time to purchase a new furnace unit or simply have your furnace checked out. If you suspect that your furnace needs a repair, here are some steps you can take.


Before calling a technician, first turn off your furnace. In most cases, the furnace unit should turn off by itself. If it does not, there is a problem with the heating element. You should open the service panel of your furnace and remove all of the wires from the furnace unit. If you need to replace the furnace element, you can identify it by the serial number stamped on it.


Check to make sure that the furnace ignitor is not blocking the air flow ducts. Sometimes, this is the problem. In this case, remove the insulation from around the ducts and check to see if the furnace ignitor is obstructing the ducts. Next, remove the furnace from the setting that it was originally installed in. Remove any safety tape that surrounds the furnace unit.


If you are certain that the problem lies with the furnace ignitor, then you need to get it for repair or replacement. There are two ways to do this. You can either use a socket wrench to remove the furnace ignitor, or you can use a hair dryer to heat the furnace up. Using a socket wrench may cause damage to your furnace. If you have an older furnace, it might be too risky to use a heat-generator to heat it up. It could cause a fire.


After removing the furnace ignitor, turn your furnace unit back on and check to see what is wrong. It may be that you have a fuse that needs to be replaced, or maybe the heating element is not working correctly. For safety reasons, do not operate the furnace. Contact a service technician before attempting to fix the problem on your own.


Many of us think that it is better to pay more to get the problem repaired, than to risk having to pay for repairs and replacement at some point in the future. This is especially true if you live in a colder climate where the furnace unit is used more than once during the winter. You also need to consider the value of your home in the current economic state. If you have an expensive furnace, you need to replace it now, before you will lose your property value. If you are not able to afford a new furnace unit, then you may need to cut down on other items such as the entertainment center, computer system, etc., so that you can afford to make the necessary repairs. It could even be a good idea to sell your home and relocate, rather than trying to keep it warm during the winter when your furnace is not working properly.


It may be tempting to attempt to fix the furnace unit on your own. If you are not an experienced mechanic, then it is best not to attempt to do the job on your own. Instead, contact a professional furnace service technician to repair the monitor. They will ensure that it is replaced in the safest manner possible, and you will not need to worry about losing your property value due to a defective furnace unit.

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