Hard Start Kit

Function of an AC Compressor Hard Start Kit


Hard start kits were created to help a compressor function more effectively. In case your residential AC coil is situated a significant distance from the exterior condensing device, you almost certainly need to have hard start kit to aid your compressor when it is starting. Air conditioning equipment functions just like a pump moving the refrigerant during your system. The more a pump must work the less effective it is and the much more likely it is to breakdown. A hard start solution will lengthen the life span of a compressor and protect against unexpected HVAC costs.



What is a Compressor Hard Start Kit?

A hard start package is a start capacitor and a prospective relay or PTC (favorable temperature level coefficient) gadget. They are created to give your a/c compressor an electrical increase upon startup.



What Does a Hard Start Kit Do for an AC Unit?

A difficult start set helps your AC compressor launch to 10 times much faster and more efficiently. It helps conquer the mechanical inertia upon start-up. The first number of seconds for any electrical motor/compressor is when one of the most pressure electrically is positioned upon it. Amperage spikes for a short time on startup then drops to regular operating levels. It is this amperage spike that tends to develop problems. The excess amperage equals excess heat that can be damaging to your electrical system in your a/c system.



How Does an HVAC Hard Start Kit Work?

A difficult start set offers higher beginning torque and lowers the period of inrush existing to the single stage compressor. The start capacitor of the hard start package is wired in parallel with a usually closed potential relay or PTC thermistor with the compressor run capacitor. When the circuit is stimulated, the start capacitor modifies the phase angle (think about it as electrical utilize) between the start and the run winding. Once the compressor is running, the start capacitor drops out of the circuit leaving only the run capacitor to keep the compressor running. The start capacitor is only in the circuit for a portion of a second. It is important to note that before any hard start kit is set up, the compressor run capacitor should be inspected to confirm it is still within its developed, ranked requirements. Contact us today if you have any questions about installing a hard start kit.

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