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The Best Way to Fix Air Flow Problems in Your House

The absence of return air is a typical issue for the HVAC systems that were either inadequately created or initially prepared for only heating purposes. When we add additional return air run systems, these generate a higher supply of air into your house. This leads to much better air flow and energy savings.

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What is the function of an A/C Return Air Vent?


An effectively operating HVAC system is essential to a nice and comfortable home. While many people understand how to run their Air Conditioner system, really few individuals understand how it really works. Your Air Conditioner’s return air vent is an important component of an HVAC system and serves a number of functions. Not only do return air vents maintain your house’s atmospheric pressure and filter out debris, they can also serve to save you on energy costs and costs.



How does a Return Air Vent work in a home?

An a/c works by soaking up the warm air and moisture from your house. Once the moisture is separated from the air, your AC unit cools the warm air and sends it back into your house through the return air vents.

In spite of their name, it’s likewise through these outlets that the air conditioning system takes in air. So, in a nutshell, it recycles air from each room in your house. Warm air travels through a particular set of ducts (called a supply duct), and when cooled off, it travels back to the vents through another set of ducts (called a return duct).

Lack of return air is a very common issue for those systems that were either improperly designed or initially prepared for heat just applications. Adding additional go back to your system enables for greater supply air into your home, leading to better airflow and comfort for your household. The benefits you will get by taking care of this problem include: quieter operation, better airflow, less repair work, longer life of your devices, lower energy expenses and, most importantly, greater convenience.

Your return vents are an integral part of the HVAC system in your house. They work to keep your interior pressurized and the interior air clean as they feed air to the air handler. You must know the number of return vents you have and where they’re located.



Your Return Vents are accountable for air pressure within a house

When your HVAC system blows air into your house, that alters the atmospheric pressure inside. The excess air requires someplace to go, which spot is the return vent. The return vent is typically bigger than your supply vents since it’s how the air handler draws air into the HVAC system.



Your home might not have adequate return vents in it

Houses built prior to main air prevailed often have retrofitted HVAC systems. When contractors initially install central air conditioning, they put in a single big return vent somewhere main in the house. This isn’t the most efficient system. Having numerous return vents (ideally one in every room, but even two or 3 is better than simply one) produces a constant atmospheric pressure.

If you have one return vent, your home is great. Keep the doors to each room open so air can appropriately distribute. If you ever need parts of your ducts replaced, that may be an excellent time to have a couple more return vents set up.



Is it all right to clean your return vents yourself?

While you need to never ever clean most parts of your HVAC system by yourself, you can clean your return vents. Pull off the metal grate and clean it every now and then. When you change the filter, take your vacuum hose pipe and suck up any particles that might have fallen off the filter. You can utilize a damp cloth to clean up the within of the vent, too.

When we do HVAC maintenance, we’ll take a look at your return vents and discuss your air filter options with you. Contact us today for more info.

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