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The Best Way to Reduce Excess Attic Heat to Help Your AC

Attics can become extremely hot during the summer months. Adding attic ventilation is a sure way to reduce your overall energy expendetures since your AC won’t have to work quite so much. Attic ventilators are great at helping your air conditioning unit in cooling your house and in reducing your energy expenses. An attic ventilator helps to move the hot air from your attic and generates the flow of cooler air from the exterior. This enhanced circulation of air considerably minimizes the heat load on your house enabling your A/C unit to work more effectively and keep your home cooler during the hot months.

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Do I Need to Consult With an Attic
Ventilation Fan Installation Company?

Your attic might be the last place you would consider going on an extremely hot day – but you should check it out from time to time. After all, there’s no other way a sane person would desire to climb up there when the stifling heat can reach as high as 150F. Nevertheless, it’s essential to not disregard your attic, either, as it acts as your house’s heat shield and therefore has a significant impact on the temperature in the rest of the building.

Your roof takes a beating from the summer sun. The whole roof structure takes in the heat, which radiates into the attic space and after that is carried out downward by the home’s framing. This heats up your home and causes most people to crank up the A/C even higher. And this, results in nothing more than increasing your electrical power expenses.

If you can enhance the ventilation in your attic and decrease the amount of heat the area holds, you have a good shot at lowering the cooling load on your air conditioner. When checking out the best attic ventilation practices, consider setting up an attic ventilation fan to keep the hot air from settling in.



How well do attic fans work?

Attic ventilation fans help to move cool air into an attic by pushing out the suppressing hot air from inside the attic and pulling in cool air from outside. This avoids hot air from seeping into your house and increasing the temperature in the living area, which decreases the load on your ac system.

A lot of homes currently have some passive attic venting integrated into them but there is no forced action so they are more escape vents than actual proactive attic cooling solutions. Cool air enters into the attic through what are called soffit vents in the eaves. A soffit vent is simply a vent installed into the underside of your home’s eaves (called the soffit). The soffit vents allows fresh outside air to be drawn up into the attic. Essentially, cooler fresh air is drawn up through the soffit at the base of your roof while the hot and damp air is expelled through the roof vents at the top.

Attic ventilation fans also tend to be rather energy-efficient in regards to their own operational consumption. Gable fans suit the gable vent and can be set to operate just within a predetermined temperature range. Some of these fans are actually powered by solar energy and require no other wiring.



The drawback of Having attic ventilation fans Installed

Houses that have well-insulated attics do not tend to see a considerable reduction in their cooling load when they add attic ventilation fans. Fans can cause increased loss of conditioned air. Another disadvantage is that homes that do not have air-sealed attics can lose some quantity of their conditioned air from the suction of the attic ventilation fan, depending on how much soffit vent space is offered.

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