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Do It Yourself Furnace Repair

Do It Yourself Furnace Repair


A chilly cold winter night is the worst time to wake up. If you need to wake up for an emergency, many risks accompany it. Imagine a faulty heating furnace that requires your attention in the middle of the night. It is something that can cause massive inconvenience – or even damage – if ignored.


A faulty or broken furnace is often irritating to handle. With some knowledge, you can repair it at home but it is advisable to get help from us. Do it yourself furnace repairs are possible but, remember the fact that furnaces are vast and sophisticated. So, in the process of repairing it, you can cause more damage to it. There are chances that you might harm yourself as well.


Though you are so confident to repair the faulty furnaces by yourself, it is hazardous and may lead to irreversible damage to the furnace. But if you still wish to proceed, here are some DIY tips to understand the problems in the furnace:


 Common Problems

There are some issues that a furnace commonly faces. They are – clogging of furnace filters, tripped breakers, faulty flame sensors, misfired high-limit control, and a bad igniter. A furnace is a complicated machine, and it is nearly impossible for a common man to locate each part’s exact location accurately. This is the reason why expertise is always advised for a furnace repair.


Check with the Condition:

Either you’re trying to repair or thinking of calling a professional for furnace repair, you need to verify the following things:


  • Check with the thermostat’s heat setting. You’d be surprised to know how people overlook this setting.
  • Check if the furnace’s temperature is higher than the temperature of the room in which it is placed.
  • Check if there’s any blockage to the vents, and there’s proper airflow from the registers.
  • Check with the power supply to the furnace. If the fan is rotating as you switch the power on, the power supply is proper.
  • Be very sure that the air filters are clean. Dirty filters block the functioning of the furnace. It’s advisable to change the filters every month.
  • The pilot light should always be in blue with even distribution. If there’s a yellow color on it, this is the very first indication of repair.


Once you verify this checklist and find that the furnace is still not working, it means there is a repair. If you don’t wish to call us for help, you can follow these tips:


DIY Tips:

These simple tips might sometimes solve the problems of your furnace. So, if you are willing to try your luck, consider these:

  • Gently open the thermostat and blow off any debris or dirt accumulated on it.
  • Sometimes, the date and time or the required temperatures on the thermostats might change accidentally. Flip the breaker back and forth, and check if it is on. This way, you can reset the breakers.
  • Some furnaces have the filters inside them, and the others have it in the intake. Remove and hold them against the light. If you see the light is blocked, they need replacement. If there is partial light flow, try cleaning them without causing damage.
  • Check if the furnace’s safety switch needs replacement. The safety switch needs to be active for the furnace to work properly. If you feel a new switch is required, stop the furnace’s power supply and wire the new switch. Check if this works.
  • Ensure the burner flames are cleaned annually or as and when required. Debris and condensation can cause clogging of pores and prevent the burners from working. So, they require a timely cleaning service.
  • Don’t forget to oil your furnace, especially before winter sets in. Proper lubrication ensures efficient working.
  • Observe if your furnace emits any noise. The disturbance is the first indication of mechanical problems, a clogged burner, or reduced airflow.


It isn’t wrong to cross-check with the furnace before calling for help or trying to do everything by yourself. Though the above tips work for you, we don’t recommend using these tips always. Here’s why we insist that you take our expertise:



Everything has a warranty for internal repairs. Sometimes, in the process of saving money and time by not calling us for repairs, you might lose the furnace’s warranty. Here’s how:

  • We recommend certain brands only for some parts and consider it mandatory for the furnace’s efficient working. So, if you use anything other than that, the warranty is void from then.
  • We follow specific practices and industrial guidelines to deal with the equipment. If you try to repair it without this knowledge, consider that the warranty is no more.

We recruit well-trained and knowledgeable technicians for all the services. So, instead of DIY and wasting the warranty, consider getting it done by us and save a lot of money.



While trying to repair it yourself, there are maximum chances of ruining the machine. As the furnace is complicated equipment, irreversible damages are likely to happen if the equipment isn’t handled correctly. Instead of trying to repair, you might cause more damage than the existing concern.



Until now, we only mentioned the problems you can cause to the furnace. But this doesn’t mean that the furnace is harmless to you. Furnaces can cause severe fire hazards if mishandled. This might take the lives of people as well. It is highly recommended that professionals should repair gas or electrical lines.

Also, when a fuel isn’t burning correctly, it is very likely for Carbon Monoxide emissions. If your furnace isn’t working properly, there are maximum chances of CO emissions leading to severe damages, including a person’s death.


As NATE certified experts, we have a lot of knowledge and experience when it comes to handling and repairing such equipment. So, instead of trying to do it all by yourself, rest assured by calling us we can solve your furnace problems. We provide all of our services at a reasonable price range, ensuring customer satisfaction. We are just a call away from you for more details, cost estimations, and any queries related to furnaces and repairs.


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