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How Much Does A Furnace Blower Motor Repair Cost?

How much does a furnace blower motor cost to replace?


The furnace is simply one of the greatest innovations for people living in regions where the temperature always drops below a comfortable range.

Every product has different types of parts that come together to form the final product. In case of an electric furnace there are a few components that are key to allowing it to operate in an optimal manner.

One of the major components that power the furnace is the furnace blower motor. The main function of a blower motor is to act as the part in the furnace that allows the heat to traverse around without being saturated at a particular place. A good fire must have a lot of ventilation to provide it with the oxygen required to sustain it. This motor uses the vents available for ventilation to do the same.

In common terms the furnace might not be able to start without the help of a furnace blower motor. There are a few ways that people can get to know when their blower motor is giving way and the value it adds to the furnace.

Signs and Consequences Causing the Blower Motor to Wear Out

The blower motor is supposed to be one of the most important part of the furnace as we have mentioned above. A few people may not use their furnace to the best if its abilities in the normal conditions that are suggested by the person on delivery. This may cause most of the parts including the main blower motor to have a problem while functioning.

While we are looking at all of the consequences that may cause a blower motor to wear out we must be able to have a look at all the factors that play a very important role in determining the right time. Many of the products that have their blower motor spoiled run through a phase that has their motor functioning. If this problem is diagnosed at the right time we could be able to repair the motor instead of replacing it altogether. We can broadly classify the factors that affects the price replacement for a motor. They are all mentioned below :


  1. The warranty present with the item that has been bought

Every product which has some kind of machine running inside of it has a warranty date before which the machine can be fixed by the company free of cost. This is like a simple condition given by the company as a profession of their faith in the item that they produced. An average blower motor has a warranty period that ranges from 5 years to 12 years. The repair of the entire motor is included in the costing of the motor that takes place. If one has a motor which is still on its warranty period it would save a considerable amount of money.


  1. The size of the blower motor and the capacity

When we have a specimen of a motor that is present along with us we can classify it based on the capacity and the size of the motor. The blower motors are mainly classified based on their horsepower ratings. These rating can vary from 1 / 4 to 1 HP. This is a basic proportionality concept which depends on the size of the motor. The larger the motor the more the expensive a repair or replacement might be.


  1. The motor type as well as the availability of parts

Right after the size and capacity of the motor there is another major factor of the blower motor that comes into play while deciding the cost that it takes to replace the motor or have it repaired. We can broadly classify blower motors into 2 parts. They are ECM motors and PSC motors. The ECM motor is one that uses much less energy when compared to the other motor mentioned. This one also has a quieter sound. However, there is one single drawback of the ECM motor which is it’s costing. It costs much more than a regular PSC motor. A few people sometimes replace their PSC motors with an ECM motor just to improve the performance.


  1. The job quality as well as the relative pricing

Repairing a furnace itself is a hard job. Now repairing one or changing the internal parts of it is much more tedious than the previous job. When there is a furnace is a difficult place to reach the person repairing it needs to make use of other tools which may cost additional money. The job may also involve simply replacing a motor which is simpler than having to replace other parts along with it. There is another factor that depends on the place that you live in. a few people live in areas that are part of the higher strata of society. This may cause the pricing of all services to increase. This could be true for replacing the blower motor as well. The higher the cost of living the more the service charge for the job .


We finally come to a rough estimate with respect to the time it takes to go across removing the old blower motor and fitting a new one. When we look at the average data of the people living in the country we notice a trend that gives us the facts mentioned below:


Average Time of Service:

  1. Removing the old Motor – ½ hour to 1 hour
  2. Installing New Motor – ½ hour to 1 hour


Average Cost:

There are so many factors that are involved, that it would be best for you to contact us and get an exact quote for your particular make and model of blower.




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