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It’s that time of year… our weather is hot and you want your home cool. Normally your home air conditioning system handles things without a hiccup, but older or unmaintained systems can begin to show signs of wear. What types of things can go wrong with an air conditioner or heat pump based system? Here are a few:

It Doesn’t Work At All

If the air conditioner won’t even turn on, relax because it’s probably something with the thermostat, or even electrical. Does the actual air conditioner or heat pump outside not turn on, or is the furnace not turning on? The fan motor in the furnace (or air handler) is used to circulate warm air through the chilled coil. Once you determine what isn’t turning on, check and see if a breaker is flipped. Some home systems have a simple on and off switch located in a hallway that kills power to the furnace, and if the furnace fan motor isn’t running, your air conditioner can’t cool the air in your home. The air conditioner itself will have a power switch which could mistakingly be turned off. Lastly, check and make sure the thermostat is functional.

There’s a Water Leak

Condensation builds during the heat energy exchange when an air conditioner is running. As warm air from the home is pulled through the chilled indoor coil, the refrigerant in the coil absorbs heat energy. As the surrounding air cools, water condensates on the coil (because the colder air is the less water it can hold). If water cannot drain it could be a condensate pump problem (if one is used) or a line issue (such as a leak or ice).

Home Isn’t Cooling Well

There are quite a few things that can cause insufficient cooling problems that range from maintenance issues to the initial installation. For example, an improperly sized air conditioner is going to have problems cooling on hot days. Or a dirty indoor coil can hurt cooling performance and efficiency. Ducting issues can also affect indoor comfort. Sometimes there is a refrigerant leak causing the problems, or the initial charge doesn’t meet manufacturer specifications…and these are just the beginning.

Efficiency Heating and Cooling

The Real Solution

Here’s the secret to all air conditioning repair calls: accurate troubleshooting. There are a mountain of things that can go wrong with an air conditioning system, but they often share similar symptoms. It takes seasoned professionals like the techs at Efficiency Heating and Cooling to make the right call. Trust us, you don’t want to be one of the homeowners who hired a handyman to fix their AC problems. Sometimes they end up purchasing a new air conditioner or heat pump only to realize later the cooling problem was the indoor coil! Not a good day.

Efficiency Heating and Cooling is known for our exceptional service, honesty and competitive pricing. You simply will not find another Portland HVAC contractor who delivers what we do. Call us today, you’ll not regret the decision. Thanks for considering us for your home or commercial cooling needs!